Mar 2, 2012

Can't see meetings on Outlook 2010 calendar - missing from monthly view

I had an Outlook 2010 user the other day that said their meetings were not showing up in their calendar - even if they were the person that created the meeting request.  If they made a regular "appointment" it was fine, but a "meeting" would not show up.

We did notice that the meetings showed up if we went to daily or weekly view.  So I figured it was some sort of filter on the monthly view.  Then I noticed the "down arrow" icon underneath the "Month" button.  When you click that down arrow you see three options - Show Low Detail, Show Medium Detail, Show High Detail. In this case, it was set on Show Low Detail for whatever reason.  When I changed it to Show High Detail, all of the meetings became visible on the month view calendar.  See screenshot below...   (If this post helps you out, do me a favor and click on an ad or two to support this site! Thank you!!)

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