May 8, 2013

Error connecting to Remote Web Workplace (RWW) with Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and Windows 8 on SBS server

Recently one of my users had a problem connecting to their Remote Web Workplace portal on their Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003).   I found that their browser at home had recently been upgraded to IE 10 which was the source of the problem.  I think this has also been causing issues for Windows 8 users as well.

Two steps helped to fix this issue :

1. Click the "Compatibility View" button up on the address bar when you first hit your RWW site. (It's the icon that looks like a torn piece of paper.)  Now try to connect again. If that doesn't work...

2. Add the domain name or IP address of your RWW site to the "Trusted Sites" list in your Internet Options in IE (click the little gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner and go to Internet Options. Then Security tab, then green Trusted Sites icon then Sites button).  Restart IE and try again.  This should fix the issue for you.  You may need to let it re-install the ActiveX plug-in again.

Check last login activity date for an Office 365 or Exchange online user with Powershell command

Now that the latest update for Office 365 is rolling out to customers, I've seen some cool new features in the Dashboard area. For example there is a chart that is displayed that shows you how many of your users haven't logged into the system in the past 30 days or 90 days. Unfortunately it won't actually show you the names of those users so you can't really act on that information.

Here is a quick Powershell command that you can run that will give you a list of all of your users and display the date of the last time that they logged into the system:

Get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited| Get-MailboxStatistics | select displayname, lastlogontime

Note : If you need some help getting connected with Powershell, you can look at this earlier blog post of mine that tells you how to connect and run these commands.

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