Feb 26, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Service Pack 2

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 customers and partners can use this link to download SP2 (Service Pack 2) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 (formerly Great Plains). You'll need to login to your CustomerSource or PartnerSource account to get to the content. That page also contains links to download other current service packs for products like FRx and Integration Manager.

This page contains the Dynamics GP 9.0 service packs overview so you can find past and future downloads there.

Service Pack 2 has updates to the following modules:

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities
Analytical Accounting
Collections Management
Fixed Asset Management
Field Service
Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management
Electronic Funds Transfer for Receivables Management
Electronic Reconcile
Encumbrance Management
Payment Document Management
Project Accounting
Purchase Order Enhancements
Revenue and Expense Deferrels
Safe Pay
SmartList Builder
United States Human Resources

Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Pay As You Go Payment Summaries (PAYG)
Bank Management
Canadian Payroll
Canadian Human Resources
Canadian Human Resources with Integration to Canadian Payroll
Direct Debits and Refunds
Enhanced Intrastat
Multilingual Checks
Scheduled Instalments
VAT Daybook

Feb 24, 2007

Using Group Policy to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP

Now that Microsoft Dynamics GP has switched over to using a standard Microsoft .msp file for the installer, you can use tools such as Group Policy to deploy the application to your workstations. You can also send out links to the installation package via email.

Microsoft has put together a white paper on this subject. Click here to download it.

One thing to keep in mind is that this method will only deploy the basic Dynamics GP application - you'll still need to do some seperate manual installations for additional products like FRx Report Writer, Integration Manager and other third-party products you may have in your solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) pricing

You've probably been looking all over the Microsoft Dynamics website for a price list on Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) but you won't find it. They like to keep this information under wraps and its only available from authorized Microsoft Dynamics partners.

Speaking of which - now is a great time for a shameless plug of my company - Triton Business Solutions. :)

We'd be glad to help you out with your Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing needs. Let us know what we can do to help!

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) version comparision

In August 2006, Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) moved to a new pricing method. In the past, you paid a la carte for the various modules that you wanted (GL, AP, AR, etc.) and then you paid for the number of user licenses.

Under the new structure, you choose the particular "suite" that you are looking for and then the pricing is purely based on the number of user licenses. These two suites are called "Business Essentials" and "Advancement Management".

The "Business Essentials" edition covers the basics like General Ledger, Payables Management, Receivables Management, Inventory, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, etc. The "Advanced Management" edition ups the ante with Electronic Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Business Portal, etc.

You can find the breakdown of the functionality in each package on this page.

Some items are still sold separately - Payroll, Human Resources, and Field Service among others.

Feb 22, 2007

Blog posting from Word 2007

I'm sending this post using Microsoft Word 2007. It supports several different blogging providers – Windows Live Space, Windows Sharepoint Services, Community Server, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and others. Here is a little information on the subject.

Test post - new Blogger

Just upgraded my account to the "new" Blogger.

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