Sep 3, 2004

Microsoft CRM 1.2 "Outlook Client Enhancements" release

In the ongoing line of "Feature Pack" releases for Microsoft CRM, the latest edition is called "Outlook Client Enhancements".

Description from Microsoft:
"The Microsoft CRM Business Group is pleased to announce the availability of another Microsoft CRM 1.2 Feature Pack Enhancement. The download to the "Outlook Client" enhancements one of the key pieces to the Microsoft CRM 1.2 Feature Pack is now publicly available. Using these new enhancements, customers should see fast and more scalable sync performance and can now run their Outlook clients in a more secure environment with locked down desktops and no requirement that users have local admin privileges. This is yet another great example of how Microsoft is continuing its efforts to improve Microsoft CRM. "

The download link can be found right here.

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