Dec 3, 2004

Great Plains 8.0 Service Pack 1a is available

Seems that there were a few issues in Service Pack 1 for Great Plains. I know that i personally ran into one of them. After I installed SP1 on a server, i attempted to go into Great Plains Utilities to run the database update scripts via the "Perform special upgrade" option but i received an error message...

"Unable to open input SQL script D:\Great Plains\sql\util\tasks\"

When i took a look in that folder, it was empty. But right next to it was a folder called "Tasks(Original)". So it appears that it had moved the original list of database tasks to this new folder but it failed to create the new SP1-based tasks in the proper folder. MBS support then sent me those scripts seperately so i could populate them manually. They also informed me that SP1a was on its way out and would take care of this issue.

So authorized Partners and Customers should be able to download SP1a from this link.


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