Jul 29, 2005

Installing Vista (Longhorn) Beta 1 on Virtual PC

I was just trying to fire up my Windows Vista (Longhorn) Beta 1 into a copy of Microsoft Virtual PC and ran into a similar problem that I had with some of the previous Alpha builds. The built in formatting/partitioning tools couldn't create a proper partition for Virtual PC. In the past this required me to start with a Virtual PC image from an XP system that already had a partition on it. Then reformat this existing partition and continue with the Longhorn install.

But luckily this time around, i found a handy blog entry with some steps on how to get this partition created from scratch on a blank VPC image using DISKPART from the command prompt during the install. Check it out.

It seems to have worked for me. Looks like Beta 1 is installing as I type.

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