Jul 24, 2011

Home electronics dying? Might need a voltage regulator like APC LE1200.

In the span of a month, one of my clients had to replace a new HP Laserjet CM1415FNW twice and Medialink Wireless N Router twice (great router by the way, nice strong signal).  They were both connected to surge protectors.  After the first incident we thought maybe it was just a rare lightning strike.  But then when the new replacement items were dead a week later, we figured there must be a more serious electrical issue.

Using a P3 Kill A Watt Monitorit looked like the voltage in the office was running a little low. It should have been right around 120v but it was dipping down closer to 112v sometimes.

So after some research, I decided to get APC LE1200 Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator from Amazon, it was the best deal i could find.  This device is not just a surge protector, protecting from spikes, it also protects from extended under-voltages and over-voltages.  It adjusts the output up or down to give you a nice clean signal in the safe range, right around 120v. It's pretty much the same thing as a power conditioner you might have for your home theater components, though this APC Voltage Regulator is much more affordable.

Note :  This is NOT a UPS - it doesn't have a battery to keep you online when the power is out.

You'll hear a "click" and can see if the LED light changes to the OVER or UNDER indicator so you'll know when it's working.  As I mentioned, it's also a great surge protector and it has 4 outlets on the back side.

Since I've installed this device, the client hasn't had any more power issues or dead electronics.  I'd highly recommend getting one to protect your electronics - computers, laptops, televisions, plasma, LCD's, monitors, home theater components, amps, bluray players, dvd players, receivers, DVR's, etc. I've already bought one for myself and I'm planning on picking up a few more.

Side note :  I've just bought one for my basement to protect some new electronic musical instruments that I've purchase -  an Alesis DM8 USB electronic drum kit and an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX mixer.  (I've also started a little blog to share my experiences with my electronic drum set - MyEDrums.Blogspot.com . Head over there for some reviews and instructional videos. Thanks!)


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