Jul 21, 2011

Turn off 4G in your Verizon USB Modem (aircard, mobile broadband internet)

I have a few users with the new Pantech 4G LTE UML290 USB modems from Verizon. Some of the users are in locations with very weak 4G signals. It's constantly dropping the connection.  One tip from Verizon tech support was to disable the 4G service in the device and just allow it to connect to the 3G network which will hopefully provide a more stable signal and not disconnect them constantly. This should also work on other Verizon 4G LTE devices from LG and Verizon (such as the Verizon 551L and LG VL600).

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch VZ Access Manager but don't connect
  2. Press Ctrl-D to launch the "hidden" system settings window
  3. The password is diagvzw
  4. Select "Settings" from the menu
  5. In the "Preferred operating mode" section, change it from Global to "Auto CDMA"
  6. Close out of VZ Access Manager and relaunch it
Now you will always connect only to the 3G network.  You'll need to repeat these steps and go back to "Global" if you want to re-enable 4G mode.

And it's usually a good idea to always check for updates within VZ Access Manager - it will update the VZ software, Windows drivers, device firmware, etc.


Jay Zmudka said...

I have run into a lot of clients who have problems with their verizon aircards switching between bands and disconnecting them. This worked well.

Anonymous said...

We also had problems and still do even with changing the setting back to 3g. Any additional suggestions? Should we consider going back to our old 3g verizon aircard which NEVER gave us a problem?

Mark said...

Hi...have same problem with an LG VL600, but is on a MAC...control D doesn't bring anything up...suggestions for a MAC user?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful... Perfect - (IT Telcom Tech)

Anonymous said...

My 4G card still won't keep a connection longer than 2 minutes. Anything else I can do?

OmarK said...

You need to change adapter settings in control panel network settings for the Verizon adapter and make sure the authencation tab is unckecked because this caused the air card to drop every 2-3 mintues. your card will also work with 4G.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Jason. This solved my problem with constant dropping. Verizon did not solve this problem for me--just switched out the USB551L modem for another.

Unknown said...

Yes you are right but i have much confusion 4G is better than 3G? Anyway broadband service must be flexible than other internet service.

Sarah Kevin said...

It's better to change internet services providers I am using spectrum internet and phone and they have far better services than any other network.


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