Apr 17, 2006

Microsoft CRM - Error 5892 and 5897

I'm running Microsoft CRM 1.2. One server is handling the SQL and web service duties and another machine is my AD and Exchange server.

On my AD/Exchange server, i started getting tons of errors in my Event Viewer, even though i wasn't really noticing any problems with the system.

Event ID 5892 in the Application Log was from the CrmExchangeQueueService and said "The message <message subject> failed to deliver to all servers" , where <message subject> looked like real subjects of actual emails that would be in my system.

Event ID 5897 in the Application Log was also from CrmExchangeQueueService and said "An HTTP status of '401 - Access Denied' occurred while attempting to deliver a message. Please check the URL in the registry. Message subject: <message subject> URL: 'http://myservername//MSCRMServices/CRMEmail.srf'' "

For me, it turns out it was an easy fix. The password had expired on the account that was running the "Microsoft CRM Exchange Queue Service" on my Active Directory / Exchange server. Once i put in the new password here and restarted the service, i was good to go.

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