Mar 6, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Windows Vista compatibility

I had the opportunity to work on my first Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 (Great Plains) installation on a Windows Vista workstation.

There is a Microsoft TK article that says you need to disable the User Account Control (UAC) security feature or change the installation location to somewhere outside of \Program Files\. I did turn off UAC but not until later in the process after GP was already installed but before I ran it for the first time, so I can't comment if GP would have worked with UAC enabled. It did installed fine with UAC enabled. I had an issue installing Service Pack 2 for GP 9.0 so disabling UAC was part of my troubleshooting effort.

While installing SP2 , I received the following message:

"A fatal error has encountered.
The Microsoft Dynamics GP installation has ended prematurely. Click Finish to exit the installation."

To remedy this situation, you need to install Service Pack 1 for the .Net Framework 1.1, according to this TK article. My installation of SP2 went fine once I installed that service pack. I was then able to launch GP and connect to the server.

I'm not sure why the .Net Framework 1.1 even comes into play since Windows Vista already includes version 3.0 of the .Net Framework. Mixing versions of the .Net Framework has been a bad idea in my experience.

The official word on Integration Manager 9.0 and FRx 6.7 is that they are currently NOT compatible with Vista. FRx 6.7 SP9 is supposed to be compatible but this release isn't available on PartnerSource or CustomerSource yet. I'm assuming they are working on a new service pack for Integration Manager to make it compatible as well. Also, the Automatic Payroll Tax Update in GP is not compatible with Vista. You'll need to pull in those tax updates from another non-Vista GP workstation.


Colin Bowern said...

Microsoft is failing on UAC support inside their own organization and it's shameful at best. For their MBS offerings they are asking folks to disable UAC or move the installation outside of the Program Files folder. For a product group that has had access to Vista for months if not years ahead of time it is a damn shame that years after the acquisition they can't deliver a program that supports UAC let alone get Windows logo certified. How can they expect other software vendors to get logo certified and support Vista properly if they can't even get their own house in order (which you would expect they of all people to be able to do first and best)?

Anonymous said...

Installing SP 1 for DotNet Framewoork 1.1 resolved my issue with installing Microsft Dynamics SP1, thanks

Anonymous said...

Actually the UAC issue is apparently only a problem with the version 9.0 product. Version 10 is out now and is apparently fully UAC compliant. When I asked at the Dynamics conference if they would be rolling back Vista compliance into version 9.0 they suggested that they had no plans to at this time.

Intel said...

thanks for the info, it solve my problem.

Anonymous said...

Older article, but still applies - helped solve my problem!


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