Dec 3, 2012

Can't activate Windows 8 Enterprise from Technet - Error 0x800700B or 0x8007007B

I'm using an installation of Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit from TechNet. I finally got around to activating my software and I received the following error message - "Code: 0x8007007B   Description: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

It turns out the issue is pretty simple. There is a default license key that is baked into the software, you just need to change that key and input your key that you got from TechNet, MSDN, etc. and then activate it with that key in place.

1. Pull up the "Run" dialog box
2. Enter "SLUI 3"  (no quotes)
3. Enter your true license key in the window that pops up
4. Hit "Activate" button and you are done!


Jessie Newburn said...

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Luisa Williams said...

This will be helpful to all organizations which performs business website development program, especially if they are running a Windows 8 OS. It'll be a lot easier for them to manage the software and applications in their PC.

Luke Stevenson said...

Good job mate! I had the same problem as you and it took me three long hours just to get a solution. Good thing that I had a separate laptop to search for all possible fixes and from all that I found. Your fix was hands down the easiest to comprehend.

Veronica Hurst said...

This is the usual problem that the software users are encountering. The instructions and guidelines you got here has been very helpful, especially to those who are running this kind of OS.

Malcolm said...

Thanks very much. I was struggling with this very issue and you put me on the right track.

Well done.

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