Mar 13, 2013

Error 0x8004102A in Outlook when syncing mail using the Hotmail connector (Error 1133)

I've recently switched one of my main email accounts over to the new which is excellent! On my main PC, I'm running Outlook 2010 and I've installed the Hotmail Connector For Outlook to give me more Exchange-like syncing experience rather than just simple POP mail.  Now if I read or delete an email on my PC, it syncs that change back to which then syncs it to my phone, etc.

Anyway, this setup has been working fine for a few weeks but for the last few days, I was getting an error from Outlook every time it tried to send/receive.  It was error 0x8004102A.  It would look like this...

“Task ‘<Hotmail account>’ reported error (0x8004102A) : ‘Error with Send/Receive’.” 

This indicates an error trying to sync items between the local Outlook mailbox on your Hotmail/Live/ .  To get some more details, lets take a look at the sync log.

In Outlook, go to the area in the lower left were you see Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. and click the item called "Folder List".  This shows you ALL of the folders in your mailbox, even the usually hidden system folders.  Now look in your mailbox folder structure for a folder called "Sync Issues". This should contain several Sync Logs.  Check out the most recent one and scroll down until you see some errors.

In my case, I saw an error that looked something like this...

10:50:19 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Deleted Items'
10:50:19 Error Synchronizing Message
               Error: 1133
               Server Command: CHANGE
 10:50:19 Server Id: 18F8A5F5-50A5-11E0-A9A0-00215AD6A70A
 10:50:19 Error with Send/Receive.

Basically it was trying to change(sync) something in the Deleted Items folder but it was having a problem doing so. This is indicated by the Error: 1133.  

I tried deleting everything in the deleted items folders both in my local Outlook as well as in but that didn't help.  Something was corrupt in my local mailbox.

The next step was to delete my cached local mailbox (the .OST file) and let Outlook rebuild a fresh copy.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can just enter this path into your command line and it will take you to the proper folder or you can just browse to this location...


Here you will find a file that looks like MyEmailAccountName.OST .  Close Outlook and then delete or rename this file.  It will wipe out your local cached copy of your mailbox.  Now launch Outlook again and it will download a fresh copy of all of your folders and messages from Hotmail/Live/ and you shouldn't have the error any longer. It worked for me!  Note : it make take several minutes to download all of your email again, depending on the size of your mailbox and the speed of your connection.

Update: Since finding this fix and publishing this post, I've had to repeat this process a few times over the past few months.  It seems to me that the issue is probably caused by something like deleting an email from my phone and then maybe deleting it again from my local Outlook program before it's had a chance to sync with the server.  So my phone has already told to delete the message, so it should be gone. But then the Outlook program tries to delete the same message, can't find it because its already gone, then throws up this error message.  


Anonymous said...

This solution is the best all over! The other "reinstall" and "official" solutions ( are far more complex.

Josephine M said...

wow - what can I say!?!
all of the articles ive read and all of the wasted time to try and resolve this problem - even Microsoft store could not make it stop.
one stroke - 10 minutes later - and voila!
all fixed !!!
you are a genious - your time is most appreciated
thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Good and a easy solution

Anonymous said...

Thanks my friend!
I was searching all over the web, trying to find a solution.

The same error that you described I had.

I could not use outlook because of that stupid error.

Thanks, many thanks, I hope the best for you and your blog!

Greetings from southern Brazil!

Luana Silva

Lesley Miller said...

Just wanted to say a heartfelt "thank you" as your solution seems to have solved my problem - I had the exact same errors you did...thank so much - you rock!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just as other persons here have state: the Microsoft solution was a mess, and was folder specific, rather than being message specific. This solution was simple and resolved the problem perfectly. Thank you for posting this solution.



Noah said...

Worked like a charm, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your solution - much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Short and precise. Thanks a lot for posting this type of solutions.

You should receive an award from MICROSOFT.

Anonymous said...

Let me say a special TY I had the same issue crop up due to having issues with the "rules" function some how getting corrupted and then having to run the "scanpst.exe". This cleaned up corrupted files. Upon restarting Outlook 2010 I was found with the send/receive error. I took your suggestion and I was back up and running. I have to say I never post but this was every bit returning the much thanks...Drew

superclock said...

Jason, thank you!

Carl S said...

I can only echo what others have stated above - thank you for the fast and easy solution to this problem!
MS solution is at best cumbersome, and sometimes don't work.
This page is now bookmarked for me!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks... this worked for me as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks, worked first time, after spending two hours on various forums and getting knowhere this so easy and quick


Gonda said...

Thank you Jason! Been searching all evening for a solution and found it at last on your site! I can finally go to bed! ;-)

Gonda said...

Have to explain something: I live in Holland, it's 1.33 at night!

Dan Nedialkov said...

Thank you very much! It worked! Very much appreciated!

Janet F said...

Jason - Thank you for the great solution. Definitely resolved the error. Very easy instructions to follow. However, it also deleted all my Tasks. Yikes! So I had to restore the deleted file from the Recycle Bin. The Tasks and the error are both back. Guess I'll have to learn to live with that silly error. Darn.

Anonymous said...

Great Jason,
Worked for me.
Thanx, Guus

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Been trying to find a fix on and off for a couple years on this! Microsoft was absolutely no help as others have stated!

Anonymous said...

Second advice on this particular error


The message that appears to me is: 17:45:12 Server ID: D441-11E3-8048E84A-BB09-00237DE3EDA4
17:45:12 Operation Failed Sending and Receiving.
17:45:12 Error synchronizing message
Error: 1133
Server Command: DELETE
How should I do to correct
Thank you.


The message that appears to me is: 17:45:12 Server ID: D441-11E3-8048E84A-BB09-00237DE3EDA4
17:45:12 Operation Failed Sending and Receiving.
17:45:12 Error synchronizing message
Error: 1133
Server Command: DELETE
How should I do to correct
Thank you.


The message that appears to me is: 17:45:12 Server ID: D441-11E3-8048E84A-BB09-00237DE3EDA4
17:45:12 Operation Failed Sending and Receiving.
17:45:12 Error synchronizing message
Error: 1133
Server Command: DELETE
How should I do to correct
Thank you.

C Whitford said...

this also worked for my emails but I didn't realise it was going to delete contacts, tasks, notes and calendar too. Contacts haven't all come back and calendar on my iphone is now scrubbed! Have you any ideas on how to get all this data back?

C Whitford said...

Following up my last post, I've turned my iPhone off and on again and Voila, the calendar reappeared. It seems like it simply hung for some reason. Thanks again. And as for the Notes that got lost, I've recovered them from a previous backup copy.

Mike said...

This works period. Any error starting with 0x8004102A is cured. Have faith and do it! I renamed the file just in case - not needed. It does take a while to download fm Hotmail. Put the file referred to in your start search and it comes up. Open and rename the file with your email address. Excellent work. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jason thank-you very much for this post. It fixed my error today and I'm a happy bunny! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG... finally a REAL solution... what the heck Microsoft doesn't even understand it themselves... I DELETED my delete box and BAM! it worked... thank you sooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally a solution. Many thanks to Jason Hartman.

Anonymous said...

I have this problem and I don't have a smartphone. I only read mail on Outlook on my desktop PC.
What can I do to fix it please?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post or should i say fix that works for eradicating the Outlook error message 0x8004102A

Dj Jd said...

Hi yes I had the same issue some time back. I cleaned up my hotmail email account via the browser interface. The the next time I launched Outlook I got the Outlook error message as above 0x8004102A. My sync problem was with the Deleted Items folder. I fixed it at the time via the method above. Rebuilding the .ost file by simply renamed the existing one.

Murray Austee said...

Me too as Fernando Castro, I receive Error 0x8004102A not as CHANGE 1133, but as DELETED 2329!
And it creates a synch issue at every Send/Receive action.

Error with Send/Receive Error
Synchronizing Message
Error: 2329
Server Command: DELETE

Do you have a cure for that?

Anonymous said...

Top of the class sir!
Many thanks.
spent ages on this you answer had it sorted in seconds!

Trevor Price said...

Well what can I say, I've been banging my head against a brick wall for 2 days, then came across this solution. Thanks it sorted my issue out. Now very happy.

JKARRZ Karr said...

Hi Jason,

I have no .ost file


JKARRZ Karr said...

Hi Jason,

I have no .ost file


boazbama said...


I have no .ost file to delete.

I have a .nst and .obi.

Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this worked for me too - Outlook 2010 on Windows 10. Had the issue on 8.1, upgraded to 10 but problem came with. Applied your fix and all good now!


HappyOldMan said...


My sync log was giving:

Error Synchronizing Message
Error: 1133
Server Command: DELETE

Didn't have a MyEmailAccountName.OST file but renamed all four data files associated with MyEmailAccountName without an extension, worked first time, no apparent loss of data.

Fingers crossed from now on

Many thanks, another old man made happy

John H said...


Had this exact same error a week or two after installing the MS Outlook Hotmail Connector. Was utterly unsure what to do. Had a good look around and most offerings didn't look right, however your post just looked correct, so I tried it and bingo, problem now gone away. Thanks v much.

Anonymous said...

Solution still works in 2015 under Windows 10/office 2010. So great and thanks!

Anonymous said...

I tried this w/ and my mail and contacts restored correctly. However, none of my calendar entries were synced and I ended up w/ a blank calendar in Outlook 2010. Also, some options like fonts and grouping reverted to Outlook defaults. I can live w/ that but not without a calendar. I may continue investigating to see how to get my calendar to sync.

Anonymous said...

I tried again and just waited for a few syncs to take place. The calendar eventually made its way to Outlook 2010's calendar.

Pat said...

A brilliant and simple fix, well done Jason as this worked for me Feb 2016!!

Steve Morris said...

Not just a simple fix, but a good explanation as to the why's and wherefores of the problem.

Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Either these people are your friends, or this actually worked for them. I am still having the same problem. I deleted my PST file, removed my email profile, added a new one. Configured my email using Microsoft outlook connector and I am still getting the same problem.

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