Aug 20, 2013

Can't play embedded YouTube videos in Chrome. Won't load and shows a black box. Try resetting Chrome browser settings.

I've been having an issue with Chrome for a few weeks where it won't play YouTube videos that are embedded in another webpage. It just shows me an empty black box with no thumbnail of the video or playback controls.  If I go directly to to watch the video, I don't have any problem. Embedded videos play fine in Internet Explorer.

I tried manually disabling all of my Chrome extensions and clearing my cache but none of that helped.  Just today (8/20/2013) I see that there is a new Chrome update available. One of the features is a new "Reset browser settings" button.  It resets everything back to the default settings but keeps basic customization like bookmarks, themes, etc.  I thought it would remove all of my extensions but in fact it simply disabled them.

I'm glad to report that this DID fix my issue with embedded videos!  I then went back in and enabled all of my extensions again and the embedded videos are still working! Woo-hoo!  So whatever this reset did, it took care of my problem.

Here's how you do it:

  1. In your Chrome menu, hit the icon with the 3 horizontal bars (called "Customize and control Google Chrome")
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Scroll to the bottom and hit "Show Advanced Settings"
  4. Scroll to the bottom again and hit the button labeled "Reset browser settings" as seen here...


Sabrina Johnson said...

I have been looking for a solution for this for about a week. Thank YOU!! This worked :)

caotp said...

Thanks pro very much..I've reslove my problem.. :)

caotp said...

Thanks pro..I have resolved my problem.. :)

Wann Zaorish said...

Thank alot!! Been looking for solution for long time

Tee said...

This worked! So grateful! I was getting increasingly frustrated!

Unknown said...

no did not work for me it plays the vids for 7 - 10 secs then stops. any more ideas i am getting really peeved.

Ian Darke said...

Thanks - resolved my problem

Arr MiHardies said...

@shaz782 The following is the only thing that fixed youtube in chrome for me:

You need to:

Type chrome://plugins in the address bar of Chrome

Click DETAILS (on the top-right)

Disable pepperflash plugin. Use Find to find the word "pepper". The path to the file will look different depending on OS, but the file should be PepperFlash/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin

This is the flash plugin developed by google for it's chrome browser. That's why Firefox/safari doesn't have this problem.

BradQ said...

This fixed my problem after trying all the other tips I found (reset browser, delete cookies, even uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome didn't work - but this did).

nancy john said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Months I gave put up with this!!

Anonymous said...


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