Jul 30, 2013

Windows 7 PC wakes up on it's own. How to stop it from waking automatically.

I had built a new Windows 7 PC for a customer that I found was randomly waking up from sleep on it's own while just sitting in my office.   I determined that it was the network adapter that was waking it up.  Now unless you have a machine that you are trying to log into remotely when it's asleep, you can probably disable this feature.

  1. Open your Device Manager - hit the Start button and type "device manager" and hit enter. Should take you right to it. 
  2. Expand the item called Network Adapters. You may see more than one network adapter listed here. I suggest starting with your hard-wired Ethernet LAN adapter before trying this on any wireless adapters. Right-click the adapter and hit Properties.
  3. You should see a Power Management tab. Switch to that tab.
  4. The settings in this tab will vary depending on your particular adapter, but what you want to look for is any option that mentions "Allow this device to wake this computer", "Wake on LAN", "Wake on link", "Wake on Magic Packet", etc, and disable (un-check) that option.
  5. Click OK and close Device Manager
  6. Test and see if your device stays in sleep mode. May require a reboot if its not working right away

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