Jan 10, 2005

MBS Community Chats this week

The MBS Community is running two chat sessions this week...

Title: What's New in Microsoft Navision 4.0

Description: Have questions about using the new release of Microsoft Navision? Experts from the product management and product support teams answer your questions on features, configuration, compatibility, and more.

Date: 1/11/2005
Time: 8:30 AM PDT

URL: Click here

Title: Microsoft Solomon 6.0 and Business Portal 2.5

Description: Have questions about the recent Microsoft Solomon and Microsoft Business Portal releases? Jim Rowney and Scott Tucker of the Microsoft Solomon product development team tackle your questions about the new features and functionality--as well as best practices for the daily management of your organization's data. Whether you're curious about using the new Favorites feature, assigning resources to tasks, or configuring a new role in Business Portal 2.5, Jim and Scott are here to help.

Date: 1/12/2005
Time: 11:00 AM PDT

URL: Click here


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Autopilot White Glove error message We couldn't find any Provisioning Packages

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