Jan 3, 2005

The Ultimate Gadget

First of all, just wanted to wish everyone a happy and successful 2005.

For Christmas, i bought myself "The Ultimate Gadget". It's a Pocket PC - specifically the Dell Axim x50v. Being the big nerd that i am, i can't believe i've gone all of these years without ever owning a PDA of any sorts. Now seemed to be the right time to do it - this Dell Axim is more powerful than some of the PC's in my office!

Lets take a quick look at the specs and features...

Intel 624mhz X-scale processor
64MB of RAM / 128MR of ROM
Slots for both an SD memory card and a Compact Flash card
Runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with Windows Media Player 10
A beautiful 3.7" VGA display, capable of 640x480 resolution!
Integrated Intel 2700g graphics processor with 16MB of RAM
Integrated 802.11b Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

With such incredible graphics processing power, many people are ripping their DVD's down to fit on the SD or CF cards and playing movies on them! I've played a few smaller movie trailers so far - still working on getting a full length movie on there. Video games are also top notch. Can't wait to take this on the plane with me next time!

It's very cool to be able to wander around the house with your PDA and surf the net and check email at the same time with its built-in wifi card. Another cool trick, is to use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard such as the Dell Executive Bluetooth Keyboard. This makes it MUCH easier to type an email or jot down some notes, rather than trying to tap on the tiny on-screen keyboard or use the hand writing recognizer.

I've also found an excellent source for information on my Dell Axim over at www.AximSite.com, especially on their message boards.

For my next trick, i'd like to get a new Bluetooth enabled cell phone and allow my Axim to connect to it wirelessly and use the phone as a modem to get me out to the Internet from just about anywhere.

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