Aug 27, 2011

Free account for HP Touchpad user - max file size limit of 100MB

As part of your HP Touchpad purchase (like the $99 version I just purchased), you are also entitled to a free 50GB of online storage from  As far as I can tell, this seems to be pretty similar to Dropbox.  You get an online folder that you can sync and access from different devices - including the HP Touchpad obviously.

Just look for the app in the HP app store on your Touchpad. When you launch it the first time you'll be asked to create your free account and get your 50GB of space.

While the 50GB of free space sounds great, there is at least one "gotcha".  If you have a paid plan, even a smaller 25GB for $9.99/month, the max file size is 1GB.  That would be enough if you wanted to upload some lower res movie files to watch on your tablet.  BUT the free HP Touchpad accounts have a max file size of 100MB per file!!  Ouch!

I guess thats fine for some music or documents but don't plan on keeping an online movie archive on and transferring them to your Touchpad.  You can always connect your Touchpad to the USB port on your PC and transfer files that way of course.

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