Aug 16, 2011

My favorite Bluetooth headset for iPhones (and other phones) - The Jawbone ICON

I've tried out several different Bluetooth headsets for my iPhone but so far the best I've found is the Jawbone ICON.  The Icon comes in several different styles - The Thinker, The Hero, The Rogue, etc. but they all have the same guts - the style just changes the appearance slightly.
Jawbone ICON-Series Thinker Bluetooth Headset (Black)
This is "The Thinker" style that I have.
If you connect it to your PC with the included USB cable, you can update the firmware to provide A2DP support.  This allows you to wirelessly listen to music and podcasts on your iPhone, in addition to simply using it for making calls.  I use it for listening to podcasts quite a bit.  You can also hold in the single button on the Icon and it will trigger the iPhone's voice dialing feature so you can say "Call Jason Mobile" to dial the number. This is really handy when you get in the car and you've forgotten to take your phone out of your pocket or laptop bag.  However, I wish there was some way for the Caller ID feature to pronouce the names on your Contacts list.  Instead, it simply announces the number of the incoming call ("Call from 555-7689").

There is a customizable voice in the phone that announces the incoming calls, the battery life remaining ("About 1 hour of talk time remaining..."), etc.

The sound quality is excellent though I would strongly recommending adding these Jabra eargels which are made specifically for the Icon to really give it a custom fit and increase the volume a noticeable amount.
Jabra Eargels for Aliph Jawbone Icon The Thinker
These eargels give the Icon a great custom fit.

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