Aug 16, 2011

Microsoft Onenote template for wedding planning

I've been a big fan of Microsoft OneNote since day one.  It's a great place to store un-structured and semi-structured information - as opposed to very structured information like a proposal or business plan which you would create in Word.   I have a OneNote section for each of my clients were I keep info like server names, IP addresses, steps to perform certain tasks, locations of software installation folders on the network, contacts for other vendors (phone, internet, etc.), screenshots of error messages, checklists for various upgrades, etc.

But now I've just found a new use for OneNote.  Microsoft has published an excellent Wedding Template for OneNote. It has a wide variety of pages to track things like guest lists, food selections, vendor contacts (florist, catering, photographer, etc.), music list for the DJ, things to pack on the wedding day, etc.   Very well thought out.

You can download the template right here.

Here is a nice blog post that describes it in a little more detail with a few screenshots.

And since I'm running the OneNote for iPhone app, I can access this information anytime I need to.