Feb 20, 2012

iPad or iPhone home button becomes sluggish or doesn't respond. How to fix!

I read a tip the other day that is suppose to restore "home" button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch back to normal working condition, should it ever become hard to press or slow to respond to your double-clicks, etc.

  1. Launch an Apple default app such as the "Stocks" app.
  2. Hold in the power button on the top edge of your device until you see the "Slide to power off" screen. Then let go of the power button.
  3. Now hold down the home button and it will kill the Stocks app and the "Slide to power off" screen will disappear.
Apparently this is supposed to somehow reset or re-calibrate the home button.  My home button was already working fine so I can't say if it works or not. Though many other folks have said that this DOES work.  Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Worked perfectly on my iPad2 using the camera App as my calibration mech. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Who said Apple doesn't have quirks just like every other computing platform? It's just with Apple ones no-one really knows why or can find out if they wanted to.

rolphus said...

I assumed this was some sort of completely insane voodoo, but I have to confess it's somehow sorted the home button on my aging iPhone 4.

Either this really does work, or the placebo effect is particularly strong today.

Rob said...

Just got a friend to try this on hers and it works a treat (using the reminders app)

Johnny said...


thanks for that, my phone has been wrecking my head for weeks now - did what you said and now working perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Works like magic! thanks for this trick! :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking at getting an upgrade because of this issue but your tip fixed it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!!! Driving me nuts. Assumed it was some trick to get me to buy new HW.

Worked great

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