Aug 4, 2004

Google Tricks

I'm hoping that most of us know that Google is the best darn search engine out there. But did you know that you can use it for so much more than just finding websites? Here is a list of some other cool searches you can do with Google.

Definitions - Go to and enter "define: your word here" in the search bar. For example "define: alacrity" shows us that alacrity means "liveliness and eagerness".

Maps and Directions - type an address right into the Google search bar. Typing in "11350 McCormick Rd, Hunt Valley,MD" gives us a link to MapQuest with a big red star indicating the location of the Hunt Valley office. From this page you enter your To or From address and get driving directions.

Calculator - type your equation into the Google search bar and it will turn into a calculator! For example "6 * 49" shows us "6 * 49 =294". It will also do unit conversions. Typing in "100 miles in kilometers" shows us "100 miles = 160.9344 kilometers". Visit here for more info...

Phonebook Reverse Lookup - enter in a known phone number and get back the matching phonebook entry. Typing in "410-229-9898" gives us "Aston It Group Baltimore Llc - 410-229-9898- 11101 Mccormick Rd, Hunt Valley, MD, 21031". Not quite accurate since we just moved, but you get the idea.)

Package Tracking - want to track your FedEx or UPS package? Simply enter your FedEx or UPS tracking number right in the search bar and it will provide a link to your tracking results. For UPS, just enter the tracking number by itself, such as "1Z9999W99999999999". For FedEx, you'll want to format it like this "fedex 608653491746".

Now hop on over to and give it a try!! And be sure to keep an eye on "Tech Roundup" because we have more Google Tricks on the way!


Anonymous said...

Great tricks! Really! :) Thank you. I knew some of them but the define works really good!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I read this article! Big thanks to author, very interesting. Write more.

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