Aug 5, 2004

Microsoft CRM hits the road

With in the last few weeks, Microsoft Business Solutions has launched Microsoft CRM Mobile 1.2. (Although this is the first version of the product.) This allows users to run a slimmed-down Microsoft CRM client on their Pocket PC's to keep track of their Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Activities when they are out of the office.

Click here for the link to download this FREE add-on.
(Note: This is not a stand-alone application. It's an add-on that requires a pre-existing Microsoft CRM 1.2 installation. )

Check out this site with MBS Recorded Webcasts. Scroll down to the "CRM" section and you'll see "Microsoft CRM Mobile 101" and "Microsoft CRM Mobile 201". I attended both of these sessions this week and they were very informative. The first one is more of a general overview and demo of the product, while the more technical "201" class deals with installing and troubleshooting the application. The installation and deployment is definitely a very technical process.

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