Aug 23, 2004

New Microsoft CRM IP telephony integration from Cisco

Just announced today is a new product from Cisco that will allow their IP telephony systems to integrate with Microsoft CRM. Microsoft also collaborated on this project so its a fully Microsoft endorsed and supported product.

You can read the full article right here.

This product will provide some pretty cool features such as "screen pops". This means when one of your customers calls you on the phone, the Cisco IP phone system will see the incoming caller ID value and then your Microsoft CRM system will open up the Account or Contact screen that goes along with that phone number. It can also pull the Caller ID info into a new contact record if they don't already exist and it will also create an Activity record in the system to capture the date, length of the call, etc. You'll be able to place a call to an Account or Contact simply by clicking a button on the CRM form next to the desired phone number.

I'm looking forward to seeing this in action.


Anonymous said...

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MS CRM Cisco IPCC Enterprise integration

The e360crm ( just released new product for MS CRM Dynamics 3.0 : Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector. This application enables small and medium-sized businesses or empowered branch offices to fully tap the potential of both Microsoft and Cisco to provide a complete CRM solution. Its advanced feature set includes:
- Legacy IPCC interface
- Screen pop on incoming call
- Supports click-to-dial feature from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 contact record
- Captures incoming and outgoing call information, including calling number, called number, and call start and end times.
- Easily creates a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 customer record and call activity for it when a new customer call arrives (this feature may be adjusted with the help of a configuration file)
- Screen pop from click to dial calls
- Tracking time duration
- Easily create a new CRM record
- Automatically call record and attach it to the MS CRM contact record.
- The Agent has possibility catch any number from any type of documents, such as PDF, txt, word, excel and other, and automatically call through ICM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cisco IPCC Enterprise Connector has been successfully implemented in the Raiffeisenbank Ukraine.

More info:

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