Aug 4, 2004

Intro and keyboard shortcuts

Welcome to the first installment of my “Technology Roundup”. Tech Roundup was born earlier this year at our Great Plains “Stampede” conference in Washington, DC. I did a series of presentations filled with cool tech tips, tools, and other assorted useful info to make your computing life easier – both at work and on your home PC’s as well. It was such a big hit that we decided to keep bringing you this kind of info. You can look forward to topics such as protecting your home network, wireless networking and security, handy keyboard shortcuts, making the most of Outlook and other MS apps, new product news and reviews, spyware detection, Google tricks, etc. etc.

So lets get down to business. One of the favorite topics was keyboard shortcuts. Here are my top five that I use every day.

  • Windows Key + E = Opens Windows Explorer

  • Windows Key + D = Minimizes all windows and shows your desktop

  • Windows Key + R = Opens the “Run” dialog box

  • Windows Key + L = Locks your PC while you step away

  • Ctrl + Enter (while in Internet Explorer) = Adds “www” and “.com” to whatever you typed in the address bar (for example, type only “microsoft” in address bar and then hit Ctrl+Enter and it will send you to Congratulations! You’ve just tripled your productivity!)
That’s all for now. See ya’ll next time at the Technology Roundup. Yeeeeehaw!!!

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